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The Mitt Romney charm offensive continued last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where the former Republican nominee chatted about his summers in New Hampshire and also showed off his surprisingly capable singing voice. 

The former politician was pulling out all the stops to promote Mitt, the Netflix documentary in which he supposedly comes across somewhat human, unlike the Mitt we met during the election, when he behaved like a humanoid robot. So what does Mitt sound like with his guard down, when he's supposed to get a little groovy while slow jamming news about Obama's upcoming State of the Union? Well, he still sounds like the voiceover in an insurance commercial. 

Mitt sounds like he's campaigning even before he starts complaining about ending partisan bickering in Washington. The moments he seems most like a real person and not an always-on Republican spitting out talking points is when you can see him laughing at Jimmy's jokes. Mitt is clearly not the crooner in his family. 

Later the two men spoke candidly about summers in New Hampshire. Fallon's wife and her family have property on the same lake as the Romney summer home, but he had no way to contact Romney during the election. (Renting a jet ski and driving by seemed like a bad idea.) But now they're friends so they're going to meet up for burgers this summer. Mitt and Jimmy, Jimmy and Mitt, friends forever through jet-skis and burgers. 

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