Watch Paul Rudd Go Method to Recreate the 'Bosom Buddies' Opening

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You may not have known, but The Greatest Event in Television History happened again last night, and this time it was a shot-by-shot recreation of the Bosom Buddies opening credits. Paul Rudd really got into it. 

The Greatest Event in Television History has been attempted three times before, these of course are Adam Scott's pet projects. However, this final one may, in fact, be the "greatest event in television history." It, of course, was not created without strife. Rudd, for one, got a little too into immersing himself in the '80s world of the show. In addition to getting hot dogs with original Bosom Buddies star Peter Scolari—cameo #1—Rudd broke cellphones and broke up Adam Scott's (fake) marriage to June Diane Raphael. When it looked like Rudd wasn't going to show up on set, Tom Hanks was brought in, only to be quickly sent home. Also, Billy Joel just couldn't do the theme song as well as whoever re-recorded it for the original. 

Somehow, though, they pulled it off. Compare it with the original. 

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