These Liars Were 'Asleep' When They Got Nominated for Oscars

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Every year, the Academy Award nominations give us a chance to raise our eyebrows at celebrity humility. Were you really asleep, famous movie star on the precipice of of an Oscar nod? We're highly doubtful. 

Yes, we know it's an ungodly 5:30 a.m. in Los Angeles when nominations are announced, but they're also the culmination of months and months of strategizing and campaigning and hoping. So you'll forgive us if, drawing from roundups of reactions at places like The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, we suspect some of the usual "Oh, I was asleep" claims are a bit disingenuous.  

Jared Leto 
Leto, who has for a while now been the likely frontrunner in the Best Supporting Actor race, didn't exactly say he was asleep, but almost. "I thought I didn't get the nomination because I woke up and [mistakenly] thought it was getting light outside. But then I got a knock on the door from Emma Ludbrook, who produced Artifact with me." He then said he was going to go back to bed and "then wake up and make vegan pancakes." Okay, Jared, okay. 

Amy Adams 
Adams said: "It’s a very good thing to wake up to; we were all asleep!" Amy Lou Adams (we had to look up her middle name, we're so incredulous), you aren't fooling anyone! We know you want this and you want it bad. This is your fifth nomination, and you're looking for a win. If you were "asleep" you were "asleep" with one eye open, staring at your bedside clock, waiting for your phone to buzz with a text from David O. Russell. You were probably humming the tune to "Defying Gravity" to psych yourself up. Don't worry, Amy, we've done that too. 

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Jonah Hill 
Hill told Variety that he "was asleep and wasn't expecting it." Well, Hill wasn't a shoo-in, but we're still raising an eyebrow. 

Alexander Payne 
Payne, who got his third Best Director nod for Nebraska, told THR he was asleep and woken by his phone ringing with the news: "They were all congratulating me on the film, but not what specifically. Then I Googled it and saw what happened."  

Melisa Wallack
Apparently—apparently!—the brother of the Dallas Buyers Club co-writer and Best Original Screenplay nominee was anticipating this more than she was. Wallack explained to THR that her brother woke her up, and further, that he had "slept with a screener under his pillow for good luck."

Honorable Mention: Matthew McConaughey
For general smugness, really. McConaughey did not claim to be sleeping, but he did say "all right, all right, all right" when on the phone with the New York Times. Yes, we know it's your catchphrase, Matthew, but it's getting annoying real fast. 

Honorable Mention: Sandra Bullock
For being corny/awesome. Per Deadline, Sandra Bullock proves once again why she's America's Sweetheart: "But I want to not blow through this. I want to savor every moment, I want to enjoy it. I want to hang out with my fellow ladies like I have been when we see each other on these crazy press tours. I just don’t want to miss a thing, like Aerosmith said." A good attitude and a willingness to reference cheesy power ballads? Cheesy Oscar-nominated power ballads, no less? Way to be on point, Sandy!

Honorable Mention: Pharrell Williams
For being Pharrell, basically. Fandango's Dave Karger ran into him in at JFK: 


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