The 'Daily Show' Tribute to Fox's 'The Five' Is Very, Very Strange

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Last night's Daily Show paid tribute to Fox News' rotating talk show The Five. It did so with what is probably one of the strangest Daily Show segments ever.

Comedy Central

Correspondent Samantha Bee set about to prove to Jon Stewart that The Five is "so much more than other panel shows." In fact, "it's life itself. It is... everything."

So she launched into her "one-woman show inspired by The Five," a lengthy and largely unprecedented performance demonstrating that the talk show is "the storyboard of the human condition," that it's "written in that deepest human emotion: riding the boner train to pound town." She went on to tangle out love triangles involving regulars Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, and Eric Bolling, framing the show's seedy, melodramatic underbelly in teen movie cliché and eventually pulling her heart out of her own chest. The full segment is frankly more bizarre than that description suggests.

Oh, and don't miss Bee's take on The View: "Oh, it's good! It's good in the background when you're vacuuming or whatever."

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