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Thursday night's Daily Show swiveled right past the latest Bieber affair to take on another scandal of decadence and excess: namely, the ongoing World Economic Forum's annual gathering in Davos, Switzerland. 

The conference at the fancy ski resort is supposedly taking on the issue of income inequality, but Jon Stewart exposed the goofy hypocrisy of the whole thing: "Okay, so a group of the world's wealthiest people get together in a secluded mountain enclave to discuss concerns over income inequality," he scoffed. "Hmm."

In an especially cutting segment, Stewart showed highlights from how financial reporters have been covering the conference. Instead of addressing the issues at hand, TV reporters have been bragging about "eating the cheesy swiss fondue" and scoring access to the most exclusive parties. "What's with the giddiness?" Stewart pressed. "Are you financial journalists or just excited to be invited to the money Oscars?" 

Finally, in a genuinely unexpected denouement, Stewart interviewed correspondent Samantha Bee as she reported from the conference while a Gatsby-style orgy unfolded directly behind her. "I hope you're not suggesting Davos is just some kind of orgy of self-congratulatory excess," Bee insisted. The Daily Show, of course, was doing precisely that.

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