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After a few rough weeks away, The Daily Show (sans John Oliver) has returned in time for some absurd weather and equally absurd right-wing rallying cries: a new crop of climate change deniers whose logic largely rests on, well, that it's cold outside.

It's really cold, in fact—five degrees in New York, as of writing. "This morning I had to put my hands on a witch's teat to keep them warm," Jon Stewart informed his audience. He marveled that we're already seeing a kinder, gentler 2014: "No name-calling. No 'left vs. right' ideological bullshit. It's just the pleasure of watching news anchors slowly perish from hypothermia."

Then he noticed that Fox News talking heads have been hard at work dismantling the global warming hoax, because "apparently decades of peer-reviewed scientific study can be destroyed in one cold weekend." And he groaned in frustration.

"There's a simple way to solve this," Stewart explained. "Just bring in someone whose opinion we all respect and whose expertise in this field cannot be denied." Why not Donald Trump?

Finally, Stewart turned to correspondent Jessica Williams, who helped explain how global warming became ensnared in the national culture wars.

"It's about liberty," Williams deadpanned. "If we admit climate change is real, then the liberal elite can dictate what we can and can't do. And nobody gets to tell americans what we can burn, what we can eat, who we can shoot, and how many times we can shoot it."

Stewart informed Williams that she had a massive skull wound and, mocking climate change denial talking points, she coolly insisted that everything's fine, and why "believe the guys who get paid for every skull they patch up"? Turns out even weather news isn't safe from ideological bickering.

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