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On Wednesday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart mercilessly picked apart the stranger details of the corruption scandal dogging former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife. And because one political scandal is never enough, he paired it with new allegations against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has provided ample material for the show in recent weeks. 

McDonnell, in brief, is accused of taking bribes from a tobacco businessman in exchange for protecting his line of dietary supplements. But it's the details that are striking: McDonnell accepted free flights, tens of thousands of dollars worth of catered food at both of his daughters' weddings, a vacation a multimillion-dollar lake house, and, err, 30 boxes of an expensive anti-inflammatory medication.

"That explains the state's new motto, 'Virginia Is For Ten Thousand Milligrams of Niacin,'" Stewart quipped. Then he tried imagining the backroom conversation that prompted such a specific form of bribery.

Turning his attention to allegations that Chris Christie threatened the mayor of Hoboken by withholding Hurricane Sandy aid, Stewart zeroed in on the evidence at hand: a diary from Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who has been dismissively referred to as a "lady mayor." Fittingly, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams popped up for a hilarious mini-segment titled Diary of a Lady Mayor.

Finally, Stewart returned to the Virginia scandal to teach McDonnell and his wife, who apparently racked up enormous credit card debt, a lesson about fiscal responsibility: with a supercut of pedantic remarks from McDonnell himself.

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