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In an excellent segment titled "Thumbs Up, Women," last night's Daily Show took on the issue of gender inequality and workplace harassment with characteristically sharp humor and irony.

Host Jon Stewart started it off by noting that women have been "breaking down barriers left and right." In recent months, for instance, women have taken top positions at the Federal Reserve, GM, Lloyd's of London, and—well, Hamas got its first female spokesperson, a pretty weird fact to celebrate, Stewart noted. 

Alas, not everyone's thrilled with the changes in the air. Fox's Brit Hume, for instance, has griped about America's "feminized atmosphere."

So Stewart brought correspondent Kristen Schaal onto the show to do some role-playing and show Stewart (or any male viewer, really) what it's like to be on the receiving end of workplace sexual harassment. Sucking on cigars while speaking in a crude, sexist vernacular, she played the part of "every manly-man boss I've ever had" while Stewart was cast as a woman interviewing for a job.

"Jon, that was incredible," Schaal exclaimed after dropping character. "This absolute power is too much of a rush. Oh, we're coming for it. And we're gonna abuse it much better for men."

Stewart, still emasculated from the sketch, seemed less ecstatic. Let's hope Brit Hume was watching, wherever he is.

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