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Ticket prices for Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, just a short drive (that you won't be able to make) from New York City, would be considered affordable only if you're one of the world's super rich

On the NFL's official second-hand marketplace, the cheapest price for a ticket to the Super Bowl right now is $2,700. And that's for the worst seats in the building, the very back rows in the upper corners of the end zones. The most expensive tickets cost more than $25,000 for seats in the bottom bowl at the 50-yard line. On StubHub, the cheapest Big Game tickets cost over $2,500 each for seats in the end zone at the top of the bowl. 

Of course, you could always pool your money with a group of good friends and get a luxury suite, complete with food and drinks. You only need a million dollars or so.

This Super Bowl, quite frankly, is not very New York (or Jersey). The teams are from the Western time zones. The halftime performers are from Hawaii and CaliforniaJay-Z and Diddy are involved in pre-game shenanigans, sure, but the game itself is void of any real New York-ness, except for the outrageous cost. Life in New York is expensive, and so ticket prices for the New York Super Bowl are out of this world. 

We knew the secondary ticket prices were going to be bonkers when the NFL jacked up face value of tickets far beyond any previous game. But no one could see it approaching the $1 million threshold. Not that having all that money makes it any easier to get to the game.

Parking costs a separate arm and leg after tickets — if you can get a pass, which you probably can't. Most of the spaces at the Meadowlands will be cordoned off for party tents and security purposes, and taxis and limos are forbidden from approaching the stadium, so nearly every attendee (billionaires included) will need to take public transportation to get there. To sit in their frost-covered $10,000 seat. Enjoy the game, everyone!

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