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Have you missed Seth MacFarlane this year given that he was a constant presence last year in the lead up to the Oscars? Well, he's back in the trailer for his latest movie A Million Ways to Die In The West, and it's got everything you've come to appreciate from MacFarlane: gross out humor, jokes about female anatomy, and possibly even a song and dance number. 

The movie, as you might have suspected, is a parody of westerns, focusing on the fact that the Old West, well, wasn't so hospitable. But while the guys wear cowboy hats and the girls wear corsets, everyone sounds totally modern. "Welcome, to our awesome town," MacFarlane says to Charlize Theron, who, yes, is in this along with Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, and Neil Patrick Harris. Sarah Silverman also shows up as a prostitute, and we'd be lying if we said she didn't make us giggle. 

As Hillary Busis of Entertainment Weekly pointed out, its hard not to see this as Seth MacFarlane doing his best Mel Brooks. But whether the comedy is an heir to Blazing Saddles or a ripoff remains to be seen. 

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