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Welcome to box office report, where everyone wanted to take a ride with Kevin Hart. 

1. Ride Along (Universal): $41.2 million in 2,663 theaters

Never underestimate Kevin Hart. Back in April 2012 the comedian's Think Like a Man was a surprise hit. Over this past summer his stand-up movie also raked in the cash. Now his collaboration with Ice Cube is another hit, collecting far more in its opening weekend than its $25 million budget, and breaking the record for a January opening. The success of Ride Along is another message to Hollywood not to sell African American audiences short. Per Todd Cunningham at The Wrap audiences, which gave the movie an A CinemaScore were 50 percent African American. 

2. Lone Survivor (Universal): $23.2 million in 2,989 theaters 

Though beat out by Ride Along, last week's big winner held onto the second spot, much to the likely delight of Universal, which now can boast that it has a choke hold on the box office. 

3. The Nut Job (Open Road Films): $20.5 million in 3,427 theaters

Since neither Ride Along nor Lone Survivor are really family-friendly films, it only makes sense that something appealing to the kiddies would sneak in here. However! The surprise may be that it's not Frozen. Instead, taking the number three spot, is a new offering, The Nut Job. As Pamela McClintock at The Hollywood Reporter explains, the Will Arnett-voiced squirrel movie is exceeding expectations as the "top opening of all time for Open Road Films, as well as the top opening for a non-studio animated film." 

4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Paramount): $17.2 million in 3,387 theaters

And this is where the weekend gets grim. Paramount's attempt to reboot Tom Clancy's hero with Chris Pine faltered at the box office. The movie was pushed to this date after The Wolf of Wall Street took its Christmas spot. Imagine if it had opened during that busy time. 

5. Frozen (Buena Vista): $12 million in 2,979 theaters

Audiences just can't let this one go. Ba dum dum. 

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