Questions Left Unanswered by the 'Sleepy Hollow' Finale

What questions were left unanswered by the two-hour Sleepy Hollow finale? The short answer would be: all of them, but let's dive deeper. Spoilers, naturally, abound. 

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What questions were left unanswered by the two-hour Sleepy Hollow finale? The short answer would be: all of them, but let's dive deeper. Spoilers, naturally, abound.

The season finale ended on a massive cliffhanger, the details of which we'll go into later, a luxury afforded to a show that's known for a while that it would be getting a second season. Sleepy Hollow was something of a (very successful) experiment for Fox, a network that is attempting to change the way the TV sausage is made. When Sleepy Hollow was renewed back in early October, the network didn't expand the original 13-episode order. Instead, it left the show with a cable-like first season and a promise to bring it back in the fall.

Aside from the savvy business behind Sleepy Hollow, the show's wackadoodle formula managed to work. Leads Tom Mison (as Ichabod Crane plopped in the 21st Century) and Nicole Beharie (as the Sleepy Hollow cop he both teams up with and is spiritually bound to) are joys both to watch and to ship. The show's nutty mythology, which ties the biblical apocalypse to George Washington and the Revolutionary War, somehow all makes sense, because the show's writers are so confident in it.

In the finale, we find Ichabod and Abbie—Ichabbie, as they are known in the fandom—searching for a map entombed with George Washington, who zombified himself in order to chart the path from our world to purgatory. That map will help Ichabod rescue his witchy (literally) wife Katrina. All the while, Abbie is wresting with a prophecy that foretells that Ichabod will betray her. In the second part of the episode, our characters take the journey to purgatory to rescue Katrina, who will be able to help prevent the oncoming apocalypse and the coming of the Second Horseman, War. Abbie chooses to remain in purgatory so Katrina can go, but things go awry when Ichabod and Katrina return to find that Henry Parish, thought to be an ally, was actually their son, who has some mommy and daddy issues to work out. Oh yeah, and he also is that second Horseman. Got that?

That's not to say the episode wasn't all apocalyptic drama. This is a show that knows that it's spewing mumbo jumbo and loves to have fun with it. So! We got Ichabod wanting a smartphone and then having a conversation with a Siri-type system. (It wasn't as responsive as the car emergency response system he once chatted with.) Ichabod also gets some new duds—but from a Revolutionary War reenactment, so his look doesn't really change. He won't give up his ratty coat for fear some hipster will wear it ironically—Ichabod's learned a lot since he entered the modern world. These are moments designed to make fangirls/boys squeal, and they are successfully playful and self aware without being winking.

But! Let's get back to that cliffhanger. The show's finale essentially ensured that fans will be back for season next fall. Here are our burning questions:

1. How will Abbie get out of purgatory? 

The episode ends with Abbie stuck in purgatory, learning via childhood versions of herself and her sister that she actually did see Parish as War being summoned by Moloch when she was a girl. While Ichabod and Katrina are being attacked by Parish, Abbie is stuck in a purgatorial dollhouse, resembling the safe space she used to share with her sister as a child. How long will she stay there? How will she get out?

2. Is Abbie's sister Jenny still alive?  

She was in a pretty bad car accident thanks to the Headless Horseman, who tried to prevent her from warning Abbie about Parish.

3. How will Ichabod/Katrina survive their fates?

Yeah, so Ichabod ended the episode back where he started: in the ground. Meanwhile, Katrina has been given up to the Headless Horseman, who was actually, you know, the fiancé she spurned for Ichabod.  

4. What's up with Captain Irving? 

Orlando Jones' Captain Irving didn't appear in the second half of the last episode, having confessed to murders he didn't commit to protect his family, and so as not to reveal what's really being going on.

5. Will Ichabod and Abbie ever kiss? 

Okay, so we know that Ichabod and Katrina have their whole across-time-and-dimension love affair going on, but we're Ichabbie shippers of the highest order. Will these two crazy Witnesses ever get together? We'll just have to wait an aggravatingly long amount of time to see.

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