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Photo: Ruven Afanador

Anonymous Hearst staffers have told Page Six that Oprah is tired of shooting covers for O (aka the Oprah magazine aka what Martha Stewart Living wishes it was) and might stop. This is the biggest change in O history, since Oprah decided to share the cover for the first time. Currently, she shoots three covers at once, during daylong shoots, which must be exhausting.

But still! O is one of the only magazines out there to regularly feature a black female. It's the same black female every time, but what other magazine would feature a black woman proudly displaying her natural hair, like the cover to the right? Even if it's a little narcissistic to put yourself on all of your covers, the reason people read Oprah is for her. Her worldview, her vision, her success. If you want a bland interview with a cover starlet, go somewhere else.

Editors are "scrambling" for a way to replace Oprah and, according to Page Six, "one option they’re considering is to decorate big letter O’s, depending on the month." That's a dumb idea. Red Os for February and pastels for spring? No. We have a better solution: just use Oprah's instagram photos.

For someone who may or may not be photoshopped for her magazine, she's pretty real on instagram. Here are some free cover ideas:

"New Year, New You"

Healthy Eating tips for 2014

This might work better as a spring cover, but Oprah doesn't do a lot of instagramming in the snow.

"Oprah's Travel Tips"

Oprah reveals her best travel secrets

Travel secret #1: Be incredibly wealthy.

"Kids Today"

Something about how kids are the future. Or aren't the future. Or both. 

This is just a really great photo. Everyone looks like they found a prize under their seat. 

"Out West with Oprah"

Release your inner cowgirl

Another great photo.

"Trouble Teens"

The Bieber saga

Considering how timely this is, we'd rush this cover. 

(All photos via Oprah's instragram.)

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