The Muppets Won the Golden Globes Advertising Game, But Rihanna Lost

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When it came to the movie trailers that aired during the Golden Globes, the Muppets came away the champions, while Rihanna and Labor Day annoyed to no end.

Muppets Most Wanted continued its clever advertising campaign—using obviously fake Twitter chatter for the purposes of funny ads—and constructed a sorta fake fight to show how angry some people were that the new movie isn't eligible for nominations. 

While some Golden Globes movie advertising was fairly rote—Monuments Men and Jack Ryan got some attention—perhaps the polar opposite of the Muppets ad were the incessant ads for Labor Day, a movie which actually did have a nomination for Kate Winslet, even if the extreme unlikelihood that she would prevail appeared to keep her from attending. Scored to Rihanna's "Stay," the ads were self-serious and numerous. BuzzFeed Entertainment tweeted: "Actually feeling anger at 'Labor Day' from the number of ads at this point. " By the end of the night we were ready to open a vein the minute we heard Rihanna's warbling. 

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