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Tina Fey interrupted Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick introducing their Miss Golden Globe daughter to introduce her "adult son from a previously relationship: Randy"—Mr. Golden Globe. Because, you know, "gender equality." It was Amy Poehler in a Bieber wig, but it was great.

Randy—whose father was, apparently, in the room—was sullen, and not having any of the awards hoopla. Randy taunted Sosie Bacon: "Your name is Sosie, what are you the Olympics?" He also didn't have kind words for his "mother," saying:  "God I hate you, Jacqueline Bisset hates you too." Bisset's acceptance speech for television's best supporting actress was one of the most awkward of the night. Randy then went around the room trying to figure out who his father is. He first approached Idris Elba. "No, Randy, Idris Elba is not your father. Think about it," Fey said.

He then looked to Harvey Weinstein: "Is it him?"

"Carry on," Fey said. Sosie Bacon looked terribly embarrassed throughout the whole thing. 

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