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Is Disney's Maleficent a revisionist story that makes the Sleeping Beauty villain really not as bad as she seems? Or does Angie Jolie's take on Maleficent leave her just as bad as we all knew she was? It's hard to tell from the new trailer. 

Clearly, Maleficent and Aurora (Elle Fanning) strike up some sort of friendship. "Aurora, there is an evil in this world, and I cannot keep you from it," Maleficent tells the pretty princess in the trailer. So it's some sort of truce, even though she's cursed the girl as a baby. It would be fun if Disney made a movie about a truly evil woman—and Maleficent is one of the scariest of the Disney baddies—but it looks she has gotten significantly softened for the purposes of the film. Oh well.

Other than the Maleficent character, does the movie look any good? Hard to tell! The fairies look like something out of Shrek and the effects look sort of hokey. But those cheekbones. Damn. 

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