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A few weeks after posting a picture of her son and his friends posing with bottles of booze, Madonna has Instagrammed herself into more controversy. By all accounts, last night seemed like a typical Friday night at the Material Girl's compound. The Shabbat candles were probably lit and her son Rocco, whom she loving calls "Dish Soap," was duking out with his boxing instructor.
In the midst of it all, Madonna snapped an Instagram picture of Rocco with his fists up and then slapped a caption on it that launched a thousand outrages: "No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni**a."
The picture inspired 2,000 comments and garnered nearly 18,000 likes among her one million Instagram followers. However, as the criticism grew more heated, Madonna semi-defiantly revised the caption. 

This morning, however, she took a measured approach to the situation and Instagrammed an apology.

As we've noted before, Instagram has become something of a digital beer summit. It's led to conversations about everything from anorexia, income inequality, and the plight of endangered animals to the glory of Cheerlebrities and the agony of Belfies.

It's unclear what lesson we might learn from Madonna's decision to call her white son a racial epithet, but if any force can suss it out, it's the internet. 

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