M. Night Shyamalan Will Work with Bruce Willis Again

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If the year were 1999, there might be a reason to be excited for an  M. Night Shyamalan and Bruce Willis collaboration. Alas, the year is 2014 so news that they are getting back together is met with a few more laughs and a hearty dose of skepticism.

Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. reported that the two are in talks to make Labor of Love, a film about a book store owner who, after losing his wife, decides to walk across the country to prove how much he loved her. So Willis, we don't think, will be actually dead in this one. (Yes, SPOILER, but are we referring to The Sixth Sense or Unbreakable?) If anything, it should maybe be encouraging that Shyamalan sold the script way back in 1993, before his string of failures made him out to be something of a hack. 

This could also be just not so good. 

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