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We're still nearly an hour and a half away from the start of E!'s red carpet show, and there's already a crisis at the Golden Globes: the red carpet has been stricken by a leak. Update 4:51 p.m.: According to Ashley Lee of The Hollywood Reporter the source of the leak was a burst sewage pipe. Lee wrote that: "lights set off an alarm system that sprayed black sewage and water on various cameras and the red carpet." Update 5:52 p.m.: There is some controversy as to what actually happened. Variety calls the incident a "sprinkler accident."'s Stephanie Stanton also deems it a fire sprinkler. Update 6:34 p.m.: The cause has now determined to have been a sprinkler, according to Vanity Fair

Catt Sadler breathlessly reported on E!: "We're experiencing a lot of drama right now down here on the red carpet. A pipe has appeared to totally bust and there is water gushing literally everywhere, in the position where all of the international press is stationed. Everyone has moved out of the way. As you can see they are pulling up the red carpet as we speak right now. It is not stopping! They cannot get this water under control!" 

Earlier E!'s Kristin Dos Santos tweeted that "good one fifth" of the carpet is "ruined," though she has since added: "They stopped the leak. Beverly Hills firemen vacuuming it up now. ." (ET concluded that a third of the carpet was ruined.) Red carpet gremlin Ryan Seacrest tweeted a picture of the cleanup: 

When news broke Fandango's Dave Karger tweeted that the leak has "red carpet into the red sea," a joke he would later repeat on the air, to which Sadler responded: "It's a red sea of blood basically." Which, okay. 

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