Justin Bieber Has a Huge Zit

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Once we're over the initial shock that Justin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving and avoiding arrest, we can start coping with the fact that the teen menace has a big ol' whopping zit in his mugshot. 

In case you missed it, here is Justin Bieber's mugshot: 

Did you see the zit? Look again: 

One more time: 

A more nuanced look at Bieber's facial imperfections: 

The Miami police department released his arrest report and mugshot on Thursday morning after the Stratford, Ontario native was pulled over for drag racing. Bieber had some "salty language" for his arresting officers, according to police documents. 

Bieber truly was on his worst behaviour. 

But Bieber's unusually beautiful mugshot is marred by a bright red zit on his forehead. Zits are problems that normal people like you or me deal with every day. But impossibly pretty famous people like Justin Bieber are not supposed to suffer from the everyday miseries of common folk. Maybe Bieber didn't have time to exfoliate after spending his day allegedly smoking weed, taking prescription pills and drinking. Or, do you know what happens when you get high? You eat too many chocolate bars. Do you know happens when you eat too many chocolate bars? You get zits. Bieber needs to smarten up and see a dermatologist, quick. Or turn this crisis into a marketing opportunity: 

Now when your teen screams "I GOT THAT JUSTIN BIEBER PLEASE BELIEVE ME," know they are not talking about drugs. Your teen has a poorly-timed pimple. 

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