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Everyone's favorite teen pop star-turned-aspiring bad boy Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence and drag racing in Miami on Thursday morning, because even child prodigy genius heartthrobs can't outrun the law forever.

According to a local NBC affiliate, Bieber was driving a rented Lamborghini at the time of the stop. (Um, isn't 19 too young to rent a car? Maybe they'll get him on underage rental car driving, too.) He is currently in custody at the police department, where TMZ reports he is being tested, likely to determine his blood alcohol level. The New York Daily News, however, says that it is not yet clear whether he was under the influence of alcohol or a different substance. 

On Wednesday, a care- and police-record-free Bieber was seen riding a Segway and chilling with Lil Scrappy and his dad on the beach. He's apparently been partying in Miami since Monday. 

The Daily News reports that Bieber's team has been urging him to enter rehab because of a supposed addiction to codeine "sizzurp" and for using prescription drugs. The arrest comes on top of other legal troubles after Bieber's California home was raided by police after he was implicated in an egg-bombing debacle (ah, to be young and ridiculously famous) that got his buddy arrested for cocaine possession that definitely didn't belong to Canadian dreamboat.

Update: TMZ now has Zapruder-like footage of the traffic stop, which does not illuminate the situation much. 

Update:  Miami's police chief said in a brief press conference that Bieber consumed alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs before his DUI drag race: 

He was also racing at roughly double the speed limit of the residential area:

According to the New York Daily News, officials said Bieber failed the sobriety test "miserably." Musician Khalil Amir Shareiff was arrested as the driver Bieber was racing against, and also charged with a DUI. Khalil posted some photos of the night on his Twitter (@crazykhalil) and Instagram accounts, including this one of Bieber and a woman identified as model Chantel Jeffries in the yellow Lamborghini:  


Bieber deleted the photos he had posted to his social media, which seems like a smart move. 

The Miami police tweeted out the arrest report in a series of three posts:

According to the report, Justin Drew Bieber had a "stupor look" on his face when and asked "why the fuck are you doing this?" when stopped by an officer. In addition to the originally reported charges, he was also said to have been driving with an expired license. We also learned that he tried the old "but officer, I'm just coming back from recording music," defense, which was obviously not convincing. 

Bieber, whose less than flawless skin was on display in his mugshot, stared listlessly and showed off his cheekbones while waiting for the judge to set his bail at $2,500 in court today. According to TMZ, he's hired attorney Roy Black to represent him. The criminal lawyer has also worked for Kelsey Grammer and Rush Limbaugh.  

We hope, for the children's sake, that this means the scandal will soon come to a close.  

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