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A federal judge has decided the proposed settlement between the NFL and roughly 4,500 retired players over concussion lawsuits was likely not big enough to cover the terms of the agreement. Now the NFL will potentially have to pay even more. 

U.S. District Judge Anita Brody denied a preliminary motion to approve the $765 million figure, ruling that the documentation provided by both sides has failed to prove that figure is sufficient to cover the costs it promises to. “I am primarily concerned that not all Retired NFL Football Players who ultimately receive a Qualifying Diagnosis or their related claimants will be paid,” Brody writes in the court filing.

The settlement states that $765 million will be paid in increments to retired players, based on the extent of their cognitive injuries, over the next 65 years. Brody doesn't believe the $765 million will last that long. She's now demanding more proof from the NFL that the money will go as far as they say.

"Basically, the numbers don't add up," as Yahoo!'s Doug Farrar put it. Andrew Brandt, who works for ESPN and Sports Illustrated, parsed the decision even further over Twitter:

Brody's decision to deny this motion does not mean a settlement won't happen in the end, only the terms need to be evaluated a little more closely. This matter will probably be resolved among the dealmakers, unless, of course, the numbers continue not to add up on the page. Then things will become very, very interesting.

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