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Joseph Gordon-Levitt released the first episode of his new TV show online today, and it's got a twee, handmade feel, some of which is delightful, some of which is grating. It's like Etsy, only on screen and you can't actually buy anything. 

Of course, JGL has been at this for a while. The show is an outgrowth of his HitRecord venture, described online as "an open collaborative production company, and this website is where we make things together." So as with anything on the Internet, its a mix of the good and the so-so. 

In the show, Gordon-Levitt brings together various artists, writers, and generally creative types to make short films, songs, et cetera. It's all on the highly quirky side, and some of it is adorable and sweet, like the short film starring Elle Fanning based on a woman's story about seeing the stars for the first time after having night blindness. Some of it is a bit cloying, like the closing song "You're Not the Only One." Presiding over it all is Gordon-Levitt, who is probably charming but possibly that annoying overachiever in your high school theater class. Give it a watch. 

The show will air on Pivot, a network for millennials, starting January 18. 

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