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Sen. Lindsey Graham probably didn't realize how right he was when he said "the world is literally about to blow up," due to Obama's Iran policy. "I didn't take Graham seriously," Stewart said. "You know how excitable Southerners can get. Until I saw this." This week a winter storm devastated Atlanta with a whopping two inches of snow, stranding people in their cars and turning the city into an arctic Walking Dead, bringing about the "Ice Age Zombie Doomsday Apocalypse," as Stewart put it . "Lord have mercy, Lindsey Graham was right," Stewart said. "Oh, I've always depended on the kindness of strangers to give me a ride."

And while two inches of snow doesn't seem impressive, there's possibly a reasonable explanation for why the South was unprepared. "Really, two inches of snow? Is that what happens when the South is confronted by something not specifically mentioned in Revelations?" Stewart asked. "'Uh, we're ready for the horsemen of the apocalypse and rivers of blood but Jesus didn't say nothing here about snow tires.'" 

But seriously, how could Georgia have been so ill prepared? Georgia governor Nathan Deal said no one could have predicted the devastation of the storm, but as Stewart points out, the Weather Channel sort of did. "For God's sake, Governor, you were given a memo titled 'Snowstorm Determined to Strike Within Atlanta.' Not only were they warned, but the call was coming from inside the house," Stewart said. "The Weather Channel is located in Atlanta. It's right there. Also in Atlanta, the Society for Prevention of Highway Stuckage and the National Department of Seeing Shit Coming." Maybe if the Governor hadn't been too busy naming Atlanta's Mayor Georgian of the year he could have been more useful.

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