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The Daily Show finally got to the State of the Union last night, where, as Jon Stewart put it, the president named every person in America (from the school teacher who stayed late to the entrepreneur with a tech start-up), and Joe Biden was Biden-esque. But the real point of the speech was to show that Obama is over Congress.

"Last night was less about the state of our union and more about the state of our presidential relationship with Congress," Stewart said. "The subtext of the president's frustrations, irritations, his dislike, his murderous hatred." That subtext made the jump to actual words during the speech, when the president made clear that he plans on moving initiatives forward without legislation, and Congressional help. Or, as Stewart paraphrased, "'with all due respect, fuck all y'all.'" 

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Republicans responded with hurt feelings, and told anyone who would listen that they just want to work with the president, if only he would work with them. "The only problem with their 'we just want to work with him' is that it's total bullshit," Stewart said. "It's total bullshit. Premium Grade A, grass fed, free range bullshit ... collected and packaged by hand from the polished anuses of award winning Texas longhorns that have been bred for peristaltic perfection so that each individual dookie meets the exacting standards of the American Bullshit Association." 

Stewart's argument is that it's kind of disingenuous for Republicans to say they want the president to work with them when, before Obama was even sworn in, Mitch McConnell gathered several Senate Republicans and told them to deny him any bipartisan victories. As a result of that mentality, this Congress has filibustered and blocked more than any Congress and accomplished less than any Congress. The bipartisan talk, Stewart argued, is just for the cameras. And off camera, Republicans may be a lot like Michael "I'll throw you off this fucking balcony" Grimm, a New York Representative from Staten Island. "To be fair," Stewart said, "'I will throw you off this fucking balcony' is a relatively standard and traditional Staten Island goodbye." Or at least a good way to make sure no one goes back.



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