Jon Stewart Fact Checks the 'Never-Ending Story' of the Chris Christie Press Conference

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On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart continued ribbing scandal-rocked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a match made in political satire heaven. In particular, he took on the marathon-length, "never-ending story" of a press conference that captivated the nation's political media for two hours on Thursday morning.

"He took the stage at the New Jersey Statehouse for a sold-out two-hour marathon show and he played all the hits!" Stewart raved. Cue a supercut of every blatantly contradictory political cliché Christie uttered during his hours in front of the cameras.

But Stewart took the shock factor of Christie's presser up a notch when he provided minute-by-minute visual accompaniment to the governor's account of what he was doing when he learned of the leaked emails. "I was done with my workout yesterday morning," Christie recounted. Then: "I'm getting ready to get in the shower." If Christie's details weren't detailed enough, The Daily Show fills in the blanks. 

Ultimately, though, Stewart narrowed in on Christie's central claim that "this is not the tone that I've set." Isn't it? The host whipped out a harmonica and fumbled to find the correct "dulcet tone" that sums up Christie's reputation for bullying and intimidation during his years in office. After a supercut of some of Christie's Greatest Hits (which was really rather similar to a video guide by The Wire's own Allie Jones), Stewart arrived at the correct tone. It was an "F U sharp."

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