Jon Stewart: 'Congress Is the Justin Bieber of Our Government!'

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on "two stories of equivalent weight": the nuclear deal with Iran, and Justin Bieber's antics.

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On last night's Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took on "two stories of equivalent weight." The first concerned the possible interim nuclear deal with Iran. The second concerned Justin Bieber's recent run-in with the cops for throwing eggs at a neighbor's home.

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No, but really—let him explain. "Two warring nations turning swords into ploughshares while simultaneously a small and incredibly smooth-chested boy-man terrorizes his neighbors with groceries," he marveled. "Coincidence? Nah."

Stewart went on to interrogate the bizarre details of the Bieber affair, including the fact that a neighbor claimed the egg-throwing somehow caused $20,000 in damage. Notably, a friend of Bieber's—the rapper Lil Za—was taken into custody by police during the search while Bieber was left alone. "Ain't that the American system of justice," Stewart pointed out. "White guy breaks some shit. Cops come and take the black guy away!"

Then he turned to the historic treaty with Iran, which is threatened by one hitch: a congressional decision to slap Iran with new U.S. sanctions instead of following through with the deal.

"Congress is the Justin Bieber of our government!" he exclaimed. It's "throwing away for no reason whatsoever a tremendous opportunity because of immaturity and a lack of self-control."

Watch the full clip, in which he berates Senator Lindsey Graham, as well as 16 Democrats, for favoring sanctions over the treaty:

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