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On last night's Late Night Jimmy Fallon passed the proverbial torch and the literal pickle to Seth Meyer. Fallon passed on a pickle, which has allegedly been in Late Night's possession since the David Letterman days. Back in 2009 Fallon recorded a video explaining how he had received the pickle along with a letter from Conan O'Brien, but last night the pickle changed hands on the air. 

"I've been stuck with it—I mean, I've been so blessed to have this thing for five years—and so now I would like to present it to you," Fallon explained to Meyers. Meyers quipped: "I don't know if I have room for it." It is a really giant-ass pickle. 

The rest of the interview was a love fest between the two former SNL colleagues. Fallon even busted out photos from Meyers' first appearance on Weekend Update, when they both had really unfortunate hairstyles. 

Meyers—whose last stint on SNL is this weekend—assumes his Late Night post February 24. His first guest will be his former Weekend Update co-anchor, Amy Poehler. 

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