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NBC has announced the final guests for Leno's Tonight Show, and, in the network's continuing quest to pretend Conan O'Brien never happened, it's going to look a lot like the last time Leno left.

Among the guests in Leno's not-so-final week in 2009 were Lyle Lovett, Billy Crystal (who was Leno's first guest in 1992) and his successor, Conan O'Brien.

This time, we've got ... Lyle Lovett, Billy Crystal and his successor, Jimmy Fallon.

Speaking of Fallon, his first guests will be Will Smith and U2, a lineup that is about as boring as you'd expect. O'Brien's first guests for his too-short Tonight Show run were Will Ferrell and Pearl Jam.

And Seth Meyers announced today that his first guest will be his former "Weekend Update" co-anchor Amy Poehler, who interviewed him a few months back for Gotham magazine.


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