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After facing criticism for a glib acceptance speech at the Golden Globes that was deemed offensive, Jared Leto was sure to make mention of the tragic topic his movie Dallas Buyers Club deals with: the AIDS crisis. 

In addition to the regular old "thank you"s, Leto said: "Today you not only honor me but also all those around the world living with AIDS and all those we have lost to this disease. Thank you for recognizing them and recognizing their struggle through DALLAS BUYERS CLUB." 

It seems that Leto or—as the Huffington Post's Mike Ryan pointed out on twitter, his publicist—engaged in some damage control. During Leto's Globes acceptance speech, he talked about how he didn't wear any prosthetics for his role as a trans woman suffering from AIDS. He also talked about waxing his "entire body." In Salon, Dan D'Addario wrote that Leto (and Michael Douglas, who won for playing Liberace) "managed to, purposely or not, insult the very communities they were representing on film." D'Addario wrote that he'd "point to the fact that neither Leto nor his fellow winner Matthew McConaughey mentioned AIDS once in their respective speeches. These two men devoted months of their lives to a project specifically about the AIDS crisis, and then went off on tangents when accepting awards for their work about how goofy and weird it is to make your body like a transgender person’s (Leto’s speech) or about how your wife calls you 'king' (McConaughey’s)." J. Bryan Lowder at Slate called Leto's speech "self-centered and juvenile acceptance." 

As Leto starts his road to ascending the Oscar podium—he likely will win—the statement is an indication he (and in all likelihood) his team are working hard to make people forget his careless Globes outing. 


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