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Television has found another era in which to set a spy drama, as evidenced by the full-length trailer for AMC's Jamie Bell-starring Revolutionary War drama Turn. The redcoats are horrible! Bell's Abe Woodhull is reluctant! There are battles! And secret codes! The show follows Woodhull as he and his friends become spies and form the Culper Ring. Per Deadline's report from TCA, Alexander Rose, who wrote the book on which the series is based, told the critics on Saturday he was drawn to an "unseen or hidden side of [President] Washington…that’s been obscured in the last two hundred years in order to maintain some presidential dignity…He loved to spy and he was really good at it." There's also some Washington revisionism in Fox's Sleepy Hollow, but somehow we don't think Turn is tackling the four horsemen of the apocalypse. 

The network is premiering the drama in April, pairing it with its (in all likelihood) very different period piece Mad Men, making Sunday the night for Americana both old and less old. 

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