'House of Cards' Season 2 Trailer Power Rankings

Who's winning the trailer for the second season of House of Cards? We've got the official rankings. 

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After a few teases that had a lot of fun with giving the barest minimum of information about the return of the Netflix original series House of Cards, we've now got a full-length trailer that takes us on a whirlwind tour of the second season.

In Washington, if you're not on top, you're being trampled by someone, so we think Frank Underwood would more than approve of approaching the season with some Power Rankings. Who rules this trailer with an iron fist? Who's being crushed under the boot of Washington politics?

House of Cards Season 2 Trailer Power Rankings

  1. Robin Wright as Claire Underwood. For so many reasons, really. For keeping that fantastic haircut. For holding onto every scrap of power she can get her hands on. But mostly, come on, it's for the line, "Let's make him suffer." 
  2. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood. Really, only Robin Wright and that single perfect line of dialogue could have unseated Frank from the top spot. It's his show, from top to bottom, whether he's giving snarky voice-over with his hand on a Bible during the oath of office or pretending he's not a stone-cold murderer, Frank will at least make sure you know he's in charge of this trailer.
  3. Molly Parker, star of Deadwood, whose role in the new season isn't really clarified by the trailer, but she's from Deadwood, so it's fine.
  4. Gerald McRainey, also star of Deadwood, actually, even if it was that slightly disappointing third season. He's trying to steer the President away from Underwood and may well be the top antagonist of the season. It looks like he's the one Robin Wright wants to make suffer, at least.
  5. Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes. Yes, Zoe is super annoying, and yes, that's bound to be compounded when she spends a whole season yapping at Underwood about how she knows about the murder. But she's a major player, whether we like it or not. 
  6. Ashleigh Banfield. Gets a leg up on fellow TV journalist Chris Matthews because she gets to interview the First Lady Claire (that title will come in time).
  7. Chris Matthews. Sorry, Chris. Interviewing some pundit about conspiracy theories won't cut it.
  8. Rain. There is apparently a lot of it in D.C. Look for rain to campaign hard for a supporting Emmy next fall.
  9. Constance Zimmer as Janine Skorsky. This low ranking isn't because we don't like Constance Zimmer. She's fantastic and pretty much always elevates the show she's in, from Grey's Anatomy to The Newsroom. But she's in this trailer way too much looking way too scared for this to mean anything good about Janine's fate. 
  10. Steak. On one hand, Frank throws a steak off of a table. Not good for steak. On the other hand, he throws the steak into a pool, whereupon it's fetched by a dog, which is undeniably cool.
  11. The President. Ha ha, Mr. President. Good one, pretending like you have any power in this town at all.
  12. Democracy. As Frank tells the camera as he's apparently being sworn in as Vice-President despite not having a single vote cast for him, "Democracy is so overrated."
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