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Good news for fans of Getting On, HBO's comedy about workers in an elderly care facility that seemed almost destined for critical acclaim followed by cancelation: It's looking like the network is going to give it a second shot. 

Nellie Andreeva at Deadline reported that while the network is bidding farewell to Christopher Guest's Family Tree and Stephen Merchant's Hello LadiesGetting On will likely get a second season. Although nothing has officially been announced regarding Getting On's fate, Andreeva wrote that it "is expected to get a second season renewal pending sorting out budget issues." For what it's worth Kate Aurthur of BuzzFeed tweeted: "Sources close to #GettingOn: The renewal is going to happen." 

When Getting On premiered, Richard Lawson wrote at The Wire that it was one of his favorite shows of the year. "The series, based on a British sitcom of the same name, traffics in a soft-spoken kind of comedy that I'm tempted to call 'gentle,' but that would belie the series's finely honed edge," he explained.

As for the other, less fortunate, shows, Andreeva explained that she'd heard rumblings that another season of Family Tree was stalled because of complications over co-producing the series with the BBC. Hello Ladies will conclude with a special. 


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