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Harvey Weinstein apparently wants to put Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in the sea. 

Ian Mohr of PageSix reported this morning that Weinstein is trying to recruit the famous friends for the film based on Paul Tough's New York Times Magazine piece "A Speck in the Sea." In the story, Tough recounts fisherman John Aldridge's story of survival after he fell off his fishing boat into the Atlantic Ocean. Aldrige's longtime friend and partner Anthony Sosinki helps search for him. Tough writes: "Sosinski had a reputation on the docks as a fun-loving loudmouth, a bit of a clown — he actually rode a unicycle — but Aldridge was the opposite: quiet, intense, determined." 

Based on that description alone we'd cast Affleck as Sosinski and Damon as Aldridge. (The Chuckie versus the Will.) 

Weinstein told the anchors at CBS This Morning when asked about the story earlier today that he emailed Affleck and said "I always wanted to see you underwater," which would place Affleck in the Aldridge part. Still, Weinstein was being coy, telling CBS: "What they wrote back to me whatever I cannot say on a family television show." So, read into that what you will. 


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