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Seth Meyers leaves Saturday Night Live for good this weekend after thirteen years on the show. He was occasionally pretty funny, which deserves some credit, so we've assembled this list of our favorite moments. We'll miss you, pal.

Really?! With Seth and Amy

Really?! You're starting this list off with a "Really?!" segment? The partnership with Amy Poehler that put Meyers over the top as a Weekend Update host? Really?! And the answer is yes so just deal with it because Really?! was the best. 

Arianna Huffington

One of the biggest challenges Meyers faced during his tenure on Weekend Update was fending off the many advances of Arianna Huffington. He always kept his composure when she tried to subliminally seduce him. And that, friends, is why he's off to make the big bucks. 

Stefon's Wedding

Because his one true love was, of course, Stefon. Seth's range of emotion is impressive here. Having someone else present to observe the love shared by Seth and Stefon was strange and difficult to manage at first, but if tears aren't in your eyes by the end of this sketch, I don't know. You're probably a monster.

Bar Mitzvah Boy Jacob

Meyers is so cute every time the awkward, shy Jacob comes by Weekend Update. His desperate attempts to converse with the poor kid will remind anyone who babysat in their teens of how difficult getting kids to talk can be. You gotta try, though, and he always put in an effort. The transition from earnestness to frustration to resignation as Jacob continues reciting from his binder is just wonderful, and nearly causes Vanessa Bayer to break. 

Assad's Two Best Friends

The two best friends sketches follow a simple rhythm: Meyers introduces the best friends of whatever newsy dictator has been acting up this week, then mostly stays out of the way, interrupting only to remind his guests to speak up. Meyers plays a great straight man, which is why most people expect him to excel on Late Night. Only at the end does the sketch focus on him and his problem with the new cast members. 

Dr. Dave Zinger

Before Meyers only appeared on Weekend Update, he was actually in sketches. Which seems crazy to think about now. One of his best characters was nuclear scientist Dr. Dave Clinger, the Zinger. This appearance with Queen Latifah wasn't as great as the version with Alec Baldwin, which is suspiciously missing from the Internet, but it will do for now. 

Derek Jeter Sucks

Because he lived the dream. And that hair.

He went heavy on the Red Sox thing in the early days. 

Honorable Mention: Natalie Portman Rap

Meyers also deserves to be recognized for his part in one of the most memorable sketches in SNL history. With one line, Meyers helped cement Natalie Portman's place in history as one of the craziest chicks in the world. Then he got punched in the face. 

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