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Comedy Central's new series Broad City premieres tonight, but the first episode is already online. And if you need convincing that this is one to watch, simply go to the 15 minute mark

The hysterical scene features Ilana and Abbi—the show's intrepid protagonists, and alter egos of creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson—going to a strange man's apartment to make a couple of bucks for a Lil Wayne concert by cleaning in their underwear to his delight. Mind you, leading up to this, Ilana had placed an ad on Craiglist writing, "We're Just 2 Jewesses Tryin' to Make A Buck." What follows is bizarre, freaky, and incredibly funny. It also features a cameo by Fred Armisen, a sign of the type of fans/collaborators Glazer and Jacobson already have. (The series is executive produced by Amy Poehler. ) 

Funnily enough, Broad City is a far more relevant show to compare to that lightning rod Girls than something like Looking, the new show that's unfortunately had to deal with unfair Girls comparisons. Of course, the Broad City ladies were there before Lena Dunham; their webseries of the same name started in 2009. Still, Broad City is a very different show from Girls, even though it's also about friends who are unreasonably close and trying to make it in the city. (Ilana video chats Abbi when having sex and when vomiting.) Yes, it's a harsh world out there, but Broad City is going to highlight its absurdities for purely comedic purposes. 

Watch the first episode here and catch up on the web series here

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