Game of Thrones Releases Five Short Trailers to Promote Longer Trailer

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HBO's hit show Game of Thrones released five short Vines today showing early clips from the show's highly anticipated fourth season. But rather than point to Thrones' April 6th debut, the clips all promote the date and time of when the longer trailer will be released – Sunday night at exactly 8:58 p.m. For Thrones fans, apparently, the new season's trailer is too big of an event to just drop without fair warning, so they've sent the ravens. Er, at least the Vines.

The five Vines all show different focal points of the coming season, which will cover the second half of the third book of George R.R. Martin's series of novels. Of the videos, the most intriguing bit shows fan favorite Tyrion Lannister (aka Peter Dinklage) walking in chains into court. The rest feature mainstays Daenerys and Jon Snow, as well as the new acrobatic Red Viper and some murderous soldiers on horses.

Let's rank the rest of the clips from least exciting to most drool-worthy:

5. Pensive Daenerys – Oh, a distant-looking Khaleesi and her on-looking assistants. Come on, HBO, you know what we want. Dragons plz.

4. Horsed soldier slices a dude's neck – Just in case you forgot there was violence in Thrones.

3. Jon Snow knows how to kill people – He may know nothing, but his sword techniques are on point.

2. Red Viper vs. Gregor Clegane sword fight – Who knew they taught karate in Westeros?

1. Tyrion in chains – WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Just kidding, I read the books, so I know. 
HBO also released a more traditional teaser trailer today, without the promotions for this Sunday's extended trailer. The clip gives a bit more, but it doesn't promote the specific time for the longer trailer. On Sunday, that will be an event all to itself.

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