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The same day the final coroner's report on actor Paul Walker's death emerged, The Hollywood Reporter's Matthew Belloni reported that the actor's character in the Fast & Furious franchise will not die in the upcoming film.

Sources explained to Belloni that Universal will "retire" the character after Fast & Furious 7, the installment Walker was in the middle of shooting when he died in a car crash in November. The car crash was not connected to the movie. The film, which was due out this year, was pushed back to 2015According to Belloni, after Walker's death, director James Wan, writer Chris Morgan, and Universal executive Jeffrey Kirschenbaum devised a way to use the footage Walker shot but write him out of the franchise. Belloni's report answers some of the lingering questions about how the franchise will handle the loss of Walker. It's a solution that ultimately honors the work Walker did on the franchise, without making the upcoming film a morbid reminder of the actor's untimely death, which happened to have occurred in a manner eerily related to the franchise's M.O. As James Hibberd wrote at Entertainment Weekly last month: "Regardless of exactly how the accident happened, here’s the question: Can you watch Fast & Furious racing, the core action in this six-films-and-counting franchise, and still enjoy it the same way as before — as a deliriously goofy thrill ride?" 

This news comes alongside the coroner's report that revealed the car in which Walker was a passenger when he died was going over 100 miles per hour. Per the report, via THR, the driver Roger Rodas lost control for "unknown reasons."

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