Chloe Sevigny's New Cop Show Looks Nightmarish

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Bodies, bodies everywhere: that seems to be the mission statement in the trailer for A&E's Those Who Kill starring Chloe Sevigny. 

Seriously. We counted upwards of ten corpse shots in the nearly three minute trailer—some of them may be repeated bodies—so imagine how many you're going to get in the actual show. Those Who Kill is an adaptation of a Danish series, like The Killing and The Bridge before it, and seems to be yet another show obsessed with finding as many opportunities as possible to show corpses in terrifyingly gruesome situations. 

The trailer opens with Sevigny's cop character comfortingly explaining to a child (her daughter?) that she, too, had nightmares of monsters when she was a young girl. Then Sevigny leans in, gets real intense, and whispers: "You have to be worse than them." So! That might be the theory of this brand of crime drama: Just when you think TV's delivered its grossest, most upsetting visions of serial crime, be worse. 

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