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Yesterday, we made some Hillary Clinton-as-planet memes. Today Carson Daly stole one. 

During his Orange Room segment on the Today show—that's the Today show's nod to social media—Daly went through all the funny things people were doing with the New York Times Magazine cover featuring Hillary Clinton as a planet. Our Atlantic friend Chris Heller got credit for the first image, one of Hillary as the E.T. moon. But The Wire's work of Hillary Clinton as the sun in Gravity was simply taken. (See image at right.) How do we know it's ours? 

You can tell this is the same image for three reasons. 1) It's precisely the same image from Gravity. 2) We color-tinted the Hillary head to make it more yellow. 3) We softened the edges in exactly the same way so Hillary would blend more smoothly into the Sun. 

Are we hurt? Yes. We expect more from the former host of TRL than blindly regurgitating cheap pop culture nonsense.

That said, we can understand why Carson might have been bitter today. Yesterday was rough for him. 

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