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If the operating system from Her was a him he'd probably be a huge jerk. That's the spirit of a variety of parodies of Spike Jonze's Oscar nominated movie.

The romantic film starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls for his OS voiced by Scarlett Johansson didn't only garner a wealth of acclaim from critics, it also may in fact be the most frequently spoofed movie of this year's Academy Awards race. There are a lot of having sex with a computer jokes out there, here's a guide to help you wade through them. 

The Philip Seymour Hoffman Parody

This is the ideal Her parody. It's the actual Her trailer, recut with the real voice of Philip Seymour Hoffman—Joaquin Phoenix's The Master co-star—instead of Scarlett Johansson. It's the least forced of all the Her parodies. It's just funny. 

The Apatow Parody 

What if Judd Apatow directed Her? Well, this parody imagines that Seth Rogen (voiced by an impersonator) would provide the voice of the OS. He would like to get stoned and play video games. Plus! He has a bunch of totally inappropriate friends, though he can be counter-intuitively charming. Just like in an actual Judd Apatow movie. (via)

The Generic "Him" Parodies

It apparently wasn't a very original idea to turn Her into Him, and the following parodies are packed with "women get overly attached" and "guys suck" jokes. For instance, the OS loses interest after sex, because dudes: 

Or the OS thinks you're clingy because dudes: 

See also: 

The Tech Support Parody 

This one—which chronicles the tech support conversation one might have after losing his/her OS love to a higher plain of existence—gets points for not being a "Him" parody, but goes on too long. 

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