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Get your sweaters out, Bill Cosby is plotting out a return to the small screen. Nellie Andreeva at Deadline reported today that the legendary sitcom star and comedian has made a deal with NBC for a "half-hour family comedy" starring Cosby, who will "play the patriarch of a multi-generational family." Cosby is working with Tom Werner, who was an executive producer on The Cosby Show

Lest you think that the veteran doesn't have it in him to carry another hit comedy series—one that NBC desperately needs after striking out this past season—look at his recent Comedy Central special. "There's really something special in watching Cosby control an audience, slowly building stories over the course of up to twenty minutes, even if they are about the smallest of matters (like sneaking out of dinner with his wife to get cookies next door)," Jesse David Fox wrote at Vulture. "Though it might not be the funniest special around, Cosby's performance is nothing short of masterful. " 

Meanwhile, NBC is not going forward with another nostalgia-heavy project, a reboot of Murder, She Wrote

For now, for nostalgia's sake, just watch: 

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