Our Favorite Blizzard Photos of 2014

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When life deals you a crippling blizzard that stretches all up and down the East Coast ... you might as well take a few great photos.

New York City

This photo is obviously in the "pretty" stage of snowfall before it becomes a nuisance and terrible. 

Kat_In_NYC via Instagram

A true measure of whether or not you are a grumpy old man or grumpy old lady is if this looks fun to you:


What's sort of cool is that New York City is actually "steaming" right now:



Photographic proof that New Yorkers like to overreact to things (and aren't big fans of what appear to be carrots?):


The Associated Press says these are two people "playing" on the Brooklyn Bridge. It's hard to tell if they're kids or tiny adults (which changes the context of this photo), but ok, here's some "playing" in the snow:


Obligatory Central Park photo:

@MaxPoglia via Instagram

And snow "inside" a subway stop, because snow outside a subway stop isn't obnoxious enough:

Washington D.C. 

The Korean War Memorial got a light dusting of snow:


As did the Capitol building:


And the dusting makes for some lovely trees:

@Klobb5 via Instagram

This is D.C. doing its best impression of the North Pole:

@lusemeca via Instagram


Massachusetts was the state that got hit the hardest. This woman has every right to complain about the snow (New Yorkers, you probably do not):


... that same woman, one Brooke Dolan, also has goats. 


Clearly, the woman who has to shovel snow and deal with freezing goat poop has bragging rights over the rest of us. But she's not alone. Here's what Boston looked like this morning:

@michellemonica via Instagram

A shot from Boston's South End this morning:

@robertz120 via Instagram

And a stunning shot from Scituate, Mass:


In reality, though, all that snow is unpleasant:


Finally, do you hear that sound? That's the sound of my cold, black, snow-hating heart thawing upon seeing this picture:


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