The Best Celebrity Sweaters at Sundance

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As awards season rages in Los Angeles, Park City celebs ditch gowns in exchange for outwear, and the Sundance sweater is no better example. The celebrity sweater is a staple of the Sundance film festival, where the famous dress down for photoshoots. The object here? Looking cozy, laid back. So! Without further ado, the best of Sundance sweaters so far this year. 

The Sweater Champion

This is the platonic ideal of a Sundance sweater. It's chunky and sort of ugly and not at all what this actress would normally wear on a red carpet. And yet it looks ridiculously comfy and somewhat chic simply because of its sheer audacity. Kudos...Kate Hudson!


The Skillful Layers

We wouldn't expect anyone other than this young star to pull off a hoodie+sweater+bandana, but by god she did it. This, of course, is none other than Shailene Should Have Been a Woodland Creature. (Instagram via MTV's Josh Horowitz.)


The Too-Casual Sweatshirt

Just who is this celeb ballsy enough to appear on a red carpet not even in fake casual wear, but in an honest to goodness Jansport college hoodies? Why, it's Alfred Molina. Bonus points to Marisa Tomei and that fuzzy vest. 

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Whatever This Is

I don't think this is a sweater, but it's a work of art and Catherine Keener is the best. 

The Cutesy

These two ladies stayed away from big and chunky, for a more delicate sweater game. They aren't the most impressive of Sundance sweaters, but they look lovely. Still, we think you could go bigger Zoe Saldana and Aubrey Plaza.  

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The Repetitive Sweater

People magazine "who wore it best" in the waiting. Two actresses: the same sweater. What power does this chunky night with tan cuffs hold? Is it supremely comfy? (It looks sort of itchy...) Regardless, Christina Hendricks and Alison Pill are the two girls that wore the same dress to cold movie prom. 

Instagram/@hollywoodreporter/Associated Press

The Classic

What's better than a crisp white sweater? Just stay away from the condiments, George Takei. 

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