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Which cast of a '90s sitcom would you rather see reunite for the sake of selling you things on Super Bowl Sunday? It's looking like you'll have two choices. Pick your team. 

On one side we have the team from...FULL HOUSE! Led by star quarterback—bear with us with these football jokes, okay?—John Stamos, the extended members of the Tanner family, have decided to shill for Greek yogurt! Stamos is backed by who other than Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier). They have a "bromance." See the tease via EW

On the opposing side, we have a team that is down a man, but may even be more powerful. They still have to make it to the big game, but it's been rumored via the New York Daily News that Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza (Jason Alexander) are suiting up. The two were spotted at Tom's Restaurant in Morningside Heights, the exterior of which was used in their famous show. 

No, but seriously, who would you pick: Jerry and George? Or Danny, Jesse and Joey? 

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