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Just when you thought you might miss Anthony Weiner (you didn't), everyone's favorite dick-pic-taking former congressman/wannabe mayor is re-emerging for a guest spot as himself on Amazon's series Alpha House

Weiner, according to Variety's Todd Spangler, will have one of the many cameos in the Alpha House finale, which debuts Friday on Prime Instant Video. The likes of Michael Steele, Tom Brokaw, Jeffrey Toobin, and Bill Murray—who appeared in the pilot—are joining him. 

Still, it's hard to say Weiner's going to make much of a big splash. Buzz-wise, Alpha House—which comes from Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau and stars John Goodman—hasn't made much of a splash. It's also not doing that well even among other shows available on Amazon Prime. Spangler has it in fifth place behind two seasons of Downton Abbey, a season of Justified, and a season of Duck Dynasty. (Looking at the most popular page, another season of Justified may have inched in front of it too.)

Ultimately, this looks like an attempt at a mutually beneficial situation. Weiner gets to have his name back in the news—something he seems to be addicted to—and Amazon perhaps gets more users. Gird yourself for dick pic jokes!

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