The True Stars of This Season's American Horror Story Are the Hats

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In just over a week, another season of American Horror Story will come to a close. And with its end, we will also bid farewell to its glorious collection of hats. With two episodes to go, we're at that time where Ryan Murphy's minor plot holes start widening into toothy grins (why have a witch-hunting company if all the witches are busy killing themselves?) and some facets of the plot are swept under the sofa (hahah, "Kyle") in order to make time for more scenery chewing. 

What's lost in this dazzling array of messy decisions are the people who do the most consistent work: the show's stylists. Week after week, costume designer Lou Eyrich and the show's costume department have given us hats for our favorite witches. Fur, fedoras, pilgrims— you name it, these witches have worn it. And it's about time their work is recognized. 

The very first episode, "Bitchcraft" gave us a look at all the hats. These hats obviously display the emotions of each of our young witches. From left to right: bitchy, earnest, angsty, and too cool for this coven: 

For some reason (SPOILERS), the writers decided to kill off Nan. This robbed the costume department to display more hats like this one: 

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The stylists weren't just good at outfitting young witches with hats. They did the same for this older, gay warlock:

Back when we didn't know it was really easy to bring witches back to life, we were sad when Fiona orchestrated burning her nemesis Myrtle Snow at the stake. The only good part to come out of that was Zoe's hat ...

...and Nan's hat, and Queenie's veil:

Madison coming back from the dead was actually great too, because it meant more hats, like this one when she went to go confront heart-snatcher Queenie with her lesbian pilgrim friend:

And this fur hat (the best of the season) almost makes you forgive Madison for back-stabbing Misty:

The costume department was also pretty good with headwear in general, like this head wrap for Marie Laveau which says "regal" with a splash of "don't trifle with me." 

There's a scene earlier this season, where Fiona says: "Tonight I'm going to let the whole world in and get a good look at me. Who's the baddest witch in town?" Clearly, the answer lies in the wardrobe department. 

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