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Beck's forthcoming album Morning Phase, featured in our 2014 music preview, will be his first studio album since Modern Guilt way back in 2008. But judging from an album trailer that popped up today, it'll be much more of a spiritual follow-up to the artist's sad-bastard masterpiece, 2002's Sea Change

Here, give it a watch:

The track featured there is the lovely, country-flavored "Blue Moon," which Pitchfork notes also appears on this season's Girls soundtrack. (No. You can't escape Girls this week. Sorry.) The accompanying visuals consist of some very sexy footage of the album being pressed on vinyl.

Morning Phase is expected to be one of two Beck records in 2014, and a press release notes that it "harkens back to the stunning harmonies, song craft and staggering emotional impact" of Sea Change. It's also got a handful of the same instrumentalists on board.

But Sea Change, a miserable breakup record if ever there was one, was written just after Beck ended things with his girlfriend of nearly a decade, Leigh Limon. Morning Phase seems to have come from a happier and healthier 43-year-old Beck (which is a good thing! Sort of), so it'll be curious to see if he's able to channel the gorgeous, gut-clenching despair that made Sea Change such a remarkable listen. (Or if he's even going for that. Maybe 1998's Mutations is the better benchmark.)

Anyway, long live Sea Change. What an enduring album. But remember: friends don't let friends listen to Sea Change more than once a month. That's a cry for help.

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