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Via Pinterest.

Looking for ideas for your uber fashionable Golden Globes party this weekend? Casa Diseño, "an online resource that demystifies the home," according to its site, recommends that you have a 12 Years a Slave themed dinner party. We're excited for the Captain Phillips Somalian slum themed board coming soon. 

As you can see to the right, Diseño's mood board focuses on the scene when Solomon Northup dines with circus promoters ... who eventually kidnap him and sell him into slavery. Before that they take him to the nice dinner above.

Several people were mystified not by their homes, but as to why anyone would think this is a good idea. 

Hint: it's about slavery. Twelve years' worth. A few minutes after the dinner scene Solomon wakes up shackled in a dark room, where he's brutal beaten by a slaver. So at least Diseño didn't use that scene for the mood board. 

On a scale of one to 10, four being Ani DiFranco's slave plantation retreat, seven being Richard Cohen's 12 Years a Slave review and 9.5 being Paula Deen's plantation-themed dinner party, we'd say this is an 8. If that's too high on the ignorance scale, there are also American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street mood boards.

(Update: Tanvier Peart, the owner and creative director of Casa Diseño, has responded to tweets about the pin, which has been deleted. In a series of tweets, she wrote:

And later:

Peart then deleted the first and last tweets.)

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