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The beginning of the year isn't just a time to catch up quickly on all your favorite (or soon to be favorite) returning shows, it's also time to prepare for the new crop of shows coming in during midseason.  

What to look forward to in the new crop of shows? Military humor, dead kids come back to life, funny New York ladies, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and so much more. 

Enlisted - January 10 This military comedy about three brothers in a rear detachment unit hits the right mix of funny and sweet. Actors Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young have great chemistry right off the bat as the very different siblings whose common ground is their service. Add in some wacky platoon members and you've got a charming show. [FOX]

True Detective - January 12 The Matthew McConaughey- and Woody Harrelson-starring HBO drama is one of the new year's most anticipated and glossiest TV events. Critics have already been hailing the dark drama directed by Cary Fukunaga. [HBO]

HitRecord on TV!  - January 18 Tune in to see what happens when someone gives Joseph Gordon-Levitt airtime, and he makes a "new take on the variety show" on a network for millennials. [Pivot]

Looking - January 19 Looking has been dubbed the "gay Girls" because of the fact that it focuses on a groups of young (or at least mostly young—one character is hitting 40) friends in a big city looking for love. But if you're not a Girls fan, don't let that dissuade you. Yes, Looking has similar themes, but its characters are far more relatable as normal people figuring out their lives. [HBO]

Broad City - January 22 This outgrowth of the webseries of the same name from creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson comes with some huge endorsements from the comedy community. Entertainment Weekly even deemed it Amy Poehler's "favorite new show." You can watch the first episode online. [Comedy Central]

Rake  - January 23 Greg Kinnear's been one of those actors that's been great in so many things, but has never really led anything. Rake, in which he plays a messed up, a gambling lawyer, is his chance. It seems like material that belongs more on a cable channel, but if any network is to have it Fox seems like the right now. The pilot is directed by Sam Raimi. [Fox]

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Late Night with Seth Meyers - February 17/24 Okay, so the formats themselves aren't necessarily new, but the upcoming late night change up on NBC will undoubtedly be one of the biggest entertainment stories of the new year. How does Jimmy hold up in the tougher time slot? Is Seth the right heir to Fallon's throne? Does Lorne Michaels secretly control everything? Note: yes, these are two shows, but for the purposes of this list they are one entry. [NBC]

Resurrection - March 9 This story about the dead come back to life is set as a limited series, and comes from Brad Pitt's Plan B entertainment. Though it's not related to French series The Returned, also about dead people who re-emerge, if it has just an iota of that show's creepy vibe, it could be worth a watch. [ABC]

Friend With Better Lives - March 31 Though this new comedy has a fairly standard logline, it's about "six friends at different stages in their lives"—so like Friends except their jobs aren't joke and they aren't all broke—but it's getting a prime spot after the How I Met Your Mother series finale. It stars James Van Der Beek, E from Entourage, and Brooklyn Decker, among others. [CBS]

About a Boy - TBA NBC's sitcom adaptation of the Nick Hornby book turned Hugh Grant movie hasn't been scheduled yet, but that doesn't stop us from having high hopes. David Walton takes on the role of the playboy billionaire who falls in with a quirky mom (played here by Minnie Driver) and her son. We have such affection to for the movie, but we're eager to transfer that somewhere. [NBC]

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